Even if your home looks it worst, it does not matter to us.  We've seen it all!  From the photos here, we've taken some of the worst situations and made something beautiful out of it.

Here are some things you should know before we get started:

  • Please do not clean-up or throw anything away!
  • Remove the items you and your family would like to keep. My team and I will go through closets, drawers, under beds and do a complete room clean-out to prepare each room for the sale.
  • Any confidential information or personal items that may have been overlooked by you will be set aside for you prior to the sale.

When you're ready for Let it Go Lifestyle to get started:

  • My team and I will begin the staging process.
  • Your items will be carefully organized and staged to encourage buyers interest.
  • All items will be priced at "fair market" value. Collectibles are researched to ensure best pricing.
  • Auctioneer services are available for specific items if needed.
  • Public advertisements in the newspaper, social media, email and Estate Sale websites
  • Professional signage to direct traffic to your location
  • During the sale, team members assist buyers with their purchases. Sales are made with cash or debit/credit cards (no checks).
  • We post signs outside the door upon daily closure, inviting them back the next day.
  • Clean up after final sale day and removal of unsold items, if desired for consignment or donation will be discussed during our initial meeting.
  • There is no out-of-pocket expense on you, my commission is a percentage from the sale.
  • Your proceeds are received within 5-7 business days from the sale along with a copy of the sales report of items sold.
  • If you are selling the home, its a great time for your Realtor to contact us so we can arrange to have flyers during the sale.

What to Keep and What to Let Go of...

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