​​​Making the decision for an Estate Sale

Our grandparents grew up during the great depression. Let go of nothing is what our parents were taught.  Today, times have changed. Family members are downsizing and no longer want to continue the collection of family heirlooms.  This is where I can help. Together, we will sort through these items and help you Let Go.

Once you make the decision to initiate an Estate Sale, I will meet with you at your convenience to walk throughout the home and note your specific decisions of what stays and what can go.  Please do not throw anything away, because that one item could be desired by someone else.  My goal is to make sure you are comfortable with your decision and you trust me and my team with your belongings.

Things to do prior to our meeting:

  • Decide what you and/or your family want to keep & remove from the home if possible.
  • If items are too large or you need more time to move them, mark "keep" items with sticky note or painters tape
  • Do not throw anything away, leave any mess as it sits.  Please know, we have seen everything, besides, it's our job to do the work, not yours....that's it!  Your job is complete and we take it from here.

Please click on Contact Renee and fill out the information.  I will contact you to introduce myself and schedule a day and time to meet with you.  From there, you can rest assured that the heavy burden of your decision will be lifted and you can begin to focus on other needs for your family.

Estate Sale Planning in Orlando

​​​Making the decision for an Estate Sale