Great Grandma's Attic Uncovered!

​Thursday, April 26th Friday, April 27th & Saturday, April 28th  from 9-3

​Address is 12525 W. Lake Butler Road, Windermere FL

This house has a wonderful story behind it.  The home has been occupied by the family since the 1950's.  Many of the items in the home belonged to the great-grandparents that has been handed down.  The house has been vacant for the past 10 years and was considered by the family as a clean hoarder-home, grandma threw nothing away.  Over the years, the two children, now adults, have been clearing out this house and have left a beautiful collection of vintage toys, collectibles, antique furniture and tools to sell.  After the sale is concluded, the house will be town down and the property nestled right on beautiful Lake Butler will be sold.

Everything is for sale including interior fixtures, lighting, mirrors, doors, counters, toilets, anything you can get out of the house you can purchase, oh, and the best part, everything will be priced to sell fast!  There are furniture pieces that have little need for help and there are others that need lots of love, bring your truck and take home a ton of goodies from grandma's!

Items in the HIS room

Ham radio equipment and tower (located outside)

Yaesu FRG-7700 Vintage AM Shortwave Communication Receiver - Ham Radio

Hy-Gain Ham IV Heavy Duty Antenna Rotor System

Icom IC-706 HF VHF Trans receiver Amateur Radio 

QST & CQ Radio magazines from 1960-1970

General Radio Company Variac

Boxes of RCA & GE tubes in the box (not tested)

James Millen 90651Grid dip meter in case

Boxes of Thermometers

Drawers of Ham radio parts

Box of meters

Solid wood drafting table


Wind Velocity gages 

Vintage Ham radio head set

TS-508/UP - Signal generator / test oscillator


Micronta Dynamic Transmitter Checker

Standard Wave Indicator unit

Assorted vintage cameras, flashbulbs and cases

Spectra portable TV/radio

Bell & Howell Director Zoomatic camera with Pistol grip

Vintage Gorham silver phone cover in the box

Vintage tins

Old rotary phone

Items in the HERS room

Coke collectibles

Vintage metal toys

BP & Publix trucks

Marvel comic books

Vintage toys & games (Monopoly, Winter Park Fantasy Game, The Creature by Hasbro, Sorry, Concentration, Spill & Spell, Chinese Checkers, Yahtzee and more!

View Master & slides

Vintage child's portable wooden playpen

Vintage metal kids scooter (back tire missing the pin)

Vintage metal roller skates

Vintage thermos bottles with cartoons

Old metal cars

Hershey's trucks in box & Christmas ornaments in the box

Antique children's wooden chairs

Antique girls play kitchen

Hundreds of vintage books

First Edition large Norman Rockwell books, still in shipping box

Vintage dolls including Mrs. Beasley

Closet full of vintage cook books

Original Cabbage Patch dolls

McDonalds toys (old)

Vintage record player

Lincoln Logs

Vintage Counselor baby scale in the box

Playskool Play n Learn Computer

Disney collectibles

Vintage Pez candies


Items Throughout the House:

1800's Woodworks Grandfather clock (check out video)

Vintage 1700 Boston Gazette Newspaper American Revolution Samuel Adams Paul Revere

Rooms filled with antique furniture

Three Antique solid wood head/foot boards with rails

Vintage Magnificent sound system & turntable (needs work)

Full-size wooden bed frame with bookshelf headboard

Vintage Dyna Kiln

Vintage wooden ironing board

Single sheets in packaging

Table cloths

Cristal Lalique

Antique rocking chairs

Vintage Florida citrus pictures framed

Newspapers framed in glass from 1700 & 1800's

Vintage GE Portable hair dryer's in the box

Vintage Christmas decorations

China cases in plastic, never used

Candlewick punch bowl and cups

Unique lamps

Norman Rockwell plates

Smurf glass collection

Old trophies

Vintage Samsonite luggage

Needlepoint chair pads

Vintage gloves & hats in boxes

Antique Hope Chest

Corning ware

Large variety of dishes

Waterford Crystal

Vintage barrels

Vintage ash bucket

Vintage Gold weight & scale

Vintage day bed

Vintage ash tray stands


Vintage military style cot 

Antique tools & kitchen gadgets

Antique desk with marble top

Antique Armour's White Cloud Shortening can

Vintage Pepsi wooden crates

Vintage blue Diez #8 Pilot Barn/Railroad lantern, red, black

Vintage pet trap wooden

Vintage traps

Vintage Trailblazer canvas tent still in the box (possibly never used)

Vintage shutter doors (some are on the "HER" room windows that can be purchased too!)

Cast iron train model

Mosaic pieces of glass in Ziploc bags and other tools

Vintage canning mason jars in the box

Vintage cookware

Assorted Vintage wooden boxes

Vintage paper towel roll holder (cast iron & wood)

Vintage shoe repair cast iron stand

Sony Receivers

The story of Star Wars album

Ballard of the Green Berets SSgt  Barry Sadler

​Upcoming Sale

Let it Go Lifestyle is licensed and insured. 
Purchases can be made by cash or credit/debt cards (sorry, no checks). 
Conducting business as an Estate Sale company, we are required to collect sales tax.
If you are planning to make purchases on larger items, please arrange for help in moving your new items. Let it Go Lifestyle's team is here to assist you with your purchases but is not permitted to move heavy objects from the home. Should you need to arrange an alternate pick-up day, please speak with Renee during the sale.
Let it Go Lifestyle is not responsible for any liability while on the property.